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Get on our Designer List for the latest inventory and news updates.

Antique Cut-Crystal Mushroom Lamp

by Unknown
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Original price
$2,400.00 - $2,400.00
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Ah, what a marvelous find! An antique cut-crystal lamp embellished with prisms and crystal droplets is truly a treasure. Its intricate design and glimmering details make it an exquisite piece of art. Another feature is the corrugated cut base opposed to the traditional circle.

Here are a few clever and creative ways you can showcase this stunning lamp:

1. Display it as a centerpiece: Place the lamp prominently on a decorative table in your entryway or foyer. The moment guests enter your home, they'll be greeted by the dazzling beauty of the lamp, casting a warm and inviting glow.

2. Create a cozy reading nook: Find a cozy corner in your living room or bedroom, add a plush armchair, and position the lamp nearby. The exquisite crystals will scatter the light, creating a serene and relaxing ambiance, perfect for enjoying your favorite book or a cup of tea.

3. Elevate your dining experience: Make every meal feel extraordinary by positioning the lamp on a sideboard or buffet table in your dining room. As the light passes through the prisms and droplets, it will cast enchanting patterns across the room, setting the mood for a truly magical dining experience.

4. Make it a focal point on a mantel: If you have a fireplace, placing the lamp on the mantel will instantly draw attention. The combination of the flickering flames and the lamp's radiant glow will create a captivating play of light, adding a touch of elegance to your living space.

5. Gift it to a loved one: If you ever find yourself in need of a unique and thoughtful gift, consider presenting this lamp to someone special. Its beauty and charm will surely brighten their day and become a cherished piece in their home.

Remember to clean the lamp regularly to maintain its lustrous shine. It's also a good idea to position it near a natural light source to amplify the shimmering effect of the crystals.


Dimensions: 21"H, Globe is 12"W x "H, The base is 8"wide.