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African Victorian II by Artist Tamary Kudita

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African Victorian VII, 2019

Archival Ink Print on Hahnemuhle Photo rag 300g
33 1/10 × 23 3/5 in | 84 × 60 cm
Part of a 
Includes a 


African Victorian is an environmental portrait captured as a frozen moment from a series of images which explore a broader narrative. The idea behind the photo was to create a visual narrative about an individual and encourage a dialogue of who the individual is, beyond their physical appearance. I wanted to create a short biography by incorporating real African elements used by the individual in everyday life. This vignette was further elaborated by the individual’s attire which is woven seamlessly into the larger context of her identity. I also incorporate a minimalistic scene in the background, which allows the African hut and the individual to become one with the frame. All these distinctive choices were part of the tale that establishes the mood and creates a backdrop for the narrative to begin.

In this photograph, you are looking at a portrait of a nuanced depiction of an African woman. The model is essentially an extension of myself as someone who has a dual heritage. This heritage consists of the Shona culture I was born into and the western culture into which I was assimilated. The African identity is multifaceted and I wanted to bring out her personality by exaggerating her adornments. Through posturing and gesture, I was also able to communicate the strength of her character. Through portraiture, I reimagine the African identity as one which is laced with hybridity and regality.”